What is the difference between Miniland, Paola Reina & Minikane Dolls?

What is the difference between Miniland, Paola Reina & Minikane Dolls?

We get asked constantly what the difference is between Miniland, Paola Reina & Minikane Dolls.  If you look at the dolls side by side you can see some very obvious differences, however they also have some similarities. 


Let's start with the difference between Paola Reina & Minikane.  Essentially, they are almost identical.  They are both made in the same factory in Spain with the same molds, however Paola Reina is a Spanish based company and Minikane is French.  Minikane is also the official distributor of Paola Reina dolls in the UK & in the US.  The difference between these two branded dolls essentially is their hair and eye colours.  Minikane dolls generally have straighter hair and have varying hair & eye colours to the Paola Reina range.  They all also have different names and identities.  


So, what do Paola Reina & Minikane Dolls have in common with Miniland dolls? Miniland dolls are also made in Spain with very similar materials, however that is where the similarity ends.  Miniland dolls are taller at 38cm, whereas Paola Reina/ Minikane dolls are 34cm.  


Miniland as a company also has a greater focus on cultural diversity and imaginative play.  They don't give any of their dolls an identity other than what part of the world they may be from.  For example, they have a Caucasian Brunette girl who has long brunette hair with brown eyes.  Poala Reina on the other hand has 3 brunette dolls all with different eye colours and they are called Daisy, Jennifer or Chloe. 


Miniland don't like to limit play by attaching an identity to the doll so that kids can use their imaginations and create their own identities for the dolls - and this can also change from day to day.  


Miniland dolls are also more petite that Poala Reina dolls and don't have any eye lashes.


At the end of the day it is personal choice for which doll you would like for your kids.  Some people much prefer one over the other and some people have a mix of both dolls.  A good thing to note, however, is that most clothes made for either Miniland or Paola Reina will generally fit both dolls quite well, so it is always easy to find an outfit for either doll.

I hope you have found this useful.  Please feel free to continue browsing through the site and I hope you find something magical for your children.